Spectacular reception for Barça's Lionel Messi at the Bombonera

Leo Messi was playing his first official game at Boca Junior's home stadium

"Messi, the world's greatest, welcome to the Bombonera," read a banner

Messi, recibido con todos los honores en La Bombonera
Messi, recibido con todos los honores en La Bombonera | SPORT.es

Argentina had a key game against Peru on Thursday as the battle for a place at the World Cup in Russia next summer. They wanted the ideal setting so that the Albiceleste could take advantage of playing at home.


For that reason, they chose one of the most atmospheric stadiums in the country, Boca Junior's Bombonera in Buenos Aires.

It's a ground where Lionel Messi had never previously played an official game (in fact, he had only played one friendly there, when he was 18). 

Therefore, there was a spectacular reception from the Boca fans for Leo Messi.

He was welcomed with a deafening ovation when he came onto the pitch and there was a banner held up behind the goal dedicated the No.10: "Messi, the greatest in the world, welcome to the Bombonera," it read. 



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