The RFEF ask for more information from Girona about Miami game

The club say the Spanish federation have not given a definitive response

Delfí Geli, presidente del Girona
Delfí Geli, presidente del Girona | JOAN IGNASI PAREDES

Will Girona vs Barcelona take place in Miami? It is impossible to say yet. Days ago at seemed like a fact. But later in the week the AFE (players' association) said it was very unlikely to go ahead and reports are the RFEF are unlikely to give it the green light either.

Carles Rosell

However the possibility is not ruled out. Girona have recieved a letter from the RFEF which in no moment says the game cannot go ahead in January at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium. Instead, they are asking for more information. Girona say the RFEF cannot give a definitive response on the matter right now. They will be able to after they get the additional info.


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