The reasons why Luis Enrique recalled Jordi Alba to Spain's squad

Most of the questions directed towards the Spain coach were about his decision to bring Alba back into the squad after previously preferring Marcos Alonso instead

 El seleccionador español presentó la lista de convocados para los próximos partidos de La Roja. Por primera vez, Luis Enrique incluyó a Jordi Alba | SeFutbol

The inclusion of Jordi Alba in Spain's squad was the main focus of Luis Enrique's press conference. Practically all of the questions directed at the coach were about the Barcelona left back and he even touched upon Alba perhaps being captain in one of the games.

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"I don't need to make choices just because that's what people want. That isn't to say I don't value other people's opinions, but because I can't let others influence my choices. I don't remember the exact moment I made the decision. Nothing has changed in regards to previous lists. There weren't any phonecalls. I don't have problems with anyone. And on a professional level there's nobody who knows Jordi Alba better than me and my staff."

"There are factors which are important, not only on an individual level but for the collective. If they are in form, offer competition, have what we've looking for - there are loads of factors which come into play. The sum of all that is what allows me to make the decision. Other people might think differently, but we're the ones who make the list," insisted Luis Enrique.


"It's possible. He'll definitely be the third captain because Jordi Alba has 66 caps. But it's normal and it won't change my decision. I don't decide why someone is a captain or not," said Luis Enrique before he asked for questions which weren't related to the Barça star.


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