The big absentees on Luis Enrique's Barcelona squad list

Koke, Saul, Thiago and Isco were not picked by the Asturian coach

Revolución en la lista de Luis Enrique para los encuentros ante Noruega y Malta | @sefutbol

Luis Enrique made a lot of changes in the Spain squad for Euro 2020 qualifiers against Norway and Malta.

Jordi Delgado

As well as big changes like  Sergi Gómez, Canales, Jesús Navas, Muniain, Ceballos and Jaime Mata, he also left out established stars like Koke, Saúl, Thiago and Isco.

Isco has not been playing for Real Madrid so was not considered by Luis Enrique it seems, especially with all the reports of his bad attitude.

Koke, who has been playing for Diego Simeone's team, along with Saul, both appear to have been cut because Lucho was not happy with their form.

Thago is a victim of Bayern's bad performances in Europe, with Lucho not opting for him. All of those cut by Lucho have been knocked out of the Champions League with their repsective clubs.


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