Spain make World Cup last 16 following goalless draw against China

La Roja made it out of the group after earning a point on Monday

 La Roja se estampó contra la muralla China y no pudo llevarse el partido, el 0-0 las clasificó para la ronda de 8 supervivientes | sport

Spain went out for the win in Le Havre against China on Monday. A draw was always enough for them to reach the last 16 of the World Cup, but Jorge Vilda picked the most attacking side possible -- with Patri Guijarro, Leila and Lucía García all coming in -- in search of three points. 


Mundial Francia 2019





Peng; Han, Wu, Lin, Liu; Wang, Zhang, Wang Yan (Li Wen, 55'), Gu Yasha (Wei Yao, 87'); Wang Shanshan (Yang Li, 46') y Li


Paños; Corredera, Paredes, Mapi León, Leila; Virginia, Patri Guijarro; Lucía García (Celia Jiménez, 86'), Jenni Hermoso, Mariona (Falcón, 46') y Nahikari (Alexia, 67')


Alves Batista (Brasil). Amonestó a la china Li Wen


Stade Oceane (Le Havre)

La Roja dominated from the start and didn't tire of getting in to the box time and again. However, they didn't have much success in the first half and they dropped off after the break. 

Lucia had two good changes, in the third and eighth minute. Jenni Hermosa had two more, with a great save denying her headed effort after 39 minutes. Mariona and Virginia, Spain's best players in the opening 45 minutes, also came close from distance. As for China, nothing. The draw was good for them, too, and they didn't come close to Sandra Paños' goal in the first half. 

The second hald was similar. Spain kept trying but created less and their threat reduced as the game aged. Falcon's introduction didn't help and it was the Jenni Hermoso-Patri Guijarro-Lucía García trio which brought the game's best moments. 

A 0-0 draw saw both teams into the round of 16, Spain in second place and China as one of the best third-place finishers. However, La Roja could face favourites United States in the next round -- or Sweden -- while China are likely to land an easier draw. 


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