Spain could be expelled from the World Cup next summer by FIFA

FIFA are unhappy with the Spanish governments role in RFEF elections

A threatening letter sent to the RFEF has suggested expulsion

Las reacciones a la amenaza de la FIFA a España | ATLAS

Spain could miss out on the World Cup next summer if FIFA follow through with the threats indicated in a letter sent to the Spanish Federation (RFEF) in response to the Spanish government’s wishes to elect a new RFEF President.

According to El Pais on Friday, in the letter FIFA threatened the RFEF with expelling Spain from the World Cup due to the now famous 'Villar Case'. 

The RFEF, the report says, now in the hands of Juan Luis Larrea have received a letter from FIFA which, among other things, warns that the government's interference could end with their suspension as a member association and, therefore, "expulsion from all the competition participated in." 

La Roja's involvement in the World Cup in Russia next summer, then would be in danger due to the problems between FIFA and the Spanish goverment after the latter, through CSD, have decided to call elections after the controversial Operation Soule, which, among others, left former RFEF president Angel Maria Villar in prison. 

The information in EL Pais says that the CSD have requested a meeting with the RFEF to speak about the case. 

RFEF chief Larrea has said: “No-one is going to take Spain out of the World Cup. It’s impossible and never been talked about. It’s the final straw when people say things like that."


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