Zidane talks about his contract renewal with Real Madrid

He is happy even though "signing for 10 or 20 years is the same, I know I might not be here in a year"

For Zizou "the confidence placed in him" and continuing "to win matches and titles" is more important

Zidane se ha mostrado feliz por su renovación | EFE

Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid manager, has confirmed that he has extended his contract before the official announcement from the club adding that he is grateful for the “confidence” the board and president Florentino Pérez have in him and wants to continue winning trophies to prolong his era.


“I'm happy but it doesn't mean anything. I can sign for 10-20 years. I know where I am and what I have to do,” Zidane said after being asked about his contract extension. “In one year, maybe I won't be here. Because of this Real Madrid and I are never going to argue,” he added.

At the end of the press conference, Zidane expanded on his feelings saying he was pleased to sign the deal before the Super Cup. "I'm very happy that the club have confidence in me. I'm happy to be working so well, not just me but my staff as well, we are happy with how we are working. The objectives are always the same: to win every single game and every single title. We are enjoying our job a lot," Zidane said.

He finished by saying “There are always ups and downs, there might be bad moments but we will enjoy a good period like this and we want it to continue in the future. If we achieve more success in the future, it will be down to work, we have to continue to work together because when the players are playing, they have to be very calm.



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