The punishmemt which Sergio Ramos probably won't get

Valencia midfielder Geoffrey Kondiogbia has been hit with a three match ban after forcing a yellow card

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UEFA have published their list of punishments for Europa League offences. Next Thursday they will do the same for the Champions League - with Sergio Ramos waiting with baited breath.

Ramón Fuentes

This week we can see that Geoffrey Kondogbia has been given a two game ban for forcing a yellow card against Celtic. A three match ban in total - one for reaching the yellows limit and two for his decision to do it deliberately.

However Ramos’s punishment may not be the same.

That is because in the referee’s report, it says that the Valencia player forced the yellow on purpose. Ramos is more likely only to get one game added.

We will have to wait and see if Ramos is punished for the deliberate yellow he got against Ajax in the first leg.


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