The latest demonstration of Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo's ego

"I don't get the criticism, my numbers speak for themselves"

"When you're big business, people talk about you"

Cristiano Ronaldo, jugador del Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo, jugador del Real Madrid | sport

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his 400th game for Real Madrid on Tuesday in the win against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, scoring two goals.

To celebrate, the player once again showed off his personality as he said that he doesn't understand why people still criticise him when "my numbers speak for themselves." 

The forward said after the Dortmund game: "It seems I have to prove in every game what I am. I'm surprised by the public opinion in respect to me. Once more, the numbers speak for themselves. 

"I am an exemplary professional and I always have a clear mind, but the criticism is getting worse."

The journalists speaking to him in the mixed zone asked about a possible contract renewal. 

"It's a good question, these things happen naturally but maybe the president can give a better response than I can," he said.

He also took the chance to speak about the rumours which said he would leave Madrid in the summer. 

"I'm happy and I'm doing what I enjoy," he added. "People talk about me every day all around the world, I live for football and my family, not for the media.

"Sometimes these stories start in Portugal, in Spain or even Germany, because when you're big business, people talk about you."


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