Sergio Ramos: It worries me that the Spanish anthem doesn't have words

The Real Madrid defender says he's envious of other country's anthems

He also said that he would prefer Barcelona to remain part of La Liga

A Sergio Ramos le preocupa el himno de España
A Sergio Ramos le preocupa el himno de España | EFE

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos declared on Monday that "it worries me more as a Spaniard" that the national anthem "doesn't have words than the situation in Catalonia." 

In an interview with 'El Transistor' on 'Onda Cero', Ramos affirmed that in Girona, where his team lost 2-1, he felt "as Spanish as in any other place." 

"It worries me more as a Spaniard that our anthem doesn't have words than the situation in Catalonia. I'm keen for our anthem to have words because I feel a healthy envy when I see other national teams looking up while they sing their anthems," he explained. 

On travelling into Catalonia at the weekend, Ramos said: "I saw the same amount of Spain flags as others. I wasn't left with any particular feelings. It is as if I go to Sevilla and see an Andalusia flag. While there's that respect, there's no problem. On Sunday, I felt as Spanish as anywhere else. There was no problem." 

Still on the situation in Catalonia, the Madrid defender said that what his opinion is "will not change anything." 

He added: "As a Spaniard, it hurts to see the image of the country going out to the world. I don't like it that these type of things happen. I think that we are strong together." 

Asked if he could imagine a La Liga without Barcelona, he responded: "It's complicated. I find it difficult to believe that the majority are in favour of independence, but I'm just supposing. I prefer to have Barça in our league." 


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