Ruben Dias may be part of the deal for RDT between Benfica and Madrid

The Benfica centre-back is liked by Los Blancos

Raúl de Tomás ha hecho una gran temporada en el Rayo Vallecano | LALIGA

Real Madrid and Benfica are working on a deal for Raul De Tomas and Ruben Dias’s name has appeared on the tale. Los Blancos like the defender and he was brilliant for Portugal in the Nations League, which they won.

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For a few days Madrid and Benfica have been negotiating the transfer of RDT. The operation was on track but now Madrid would like Dias to come the other way.

Reaching an agreement now would likely see Madrid have to pay for Dias and include RDT as part of the deal.

Rúben Dias interesa al Real Madrid | AFP

If Dias joins Madrid it would likely be Nacho who would be left without a spot, given they have already signed Militao and Sergio Ramos is not going anywhere.

Nacho has various interesting offers from Italy, especially Inter Milan and Napoli. Carlo Ancelotti is in charge of the latter and coached Nacho at Madrid.

At 22 Ruben Dias is showing great progression. He’s a fixture for Benfica and earning his spot in Portugal’s side.


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