Returning coach Zinedine Zidane hints at big changes for Real Madrid

He said that Florentino Perez called and he could not say no

Zidane vuelve al Real Madrid
Zidane vuelve al Real Madrid | Afp

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media after returning to coach Real Madrid. Here are his key quotes.

Juan Carlos Gracia


The feelings are good. I'm happy to be back, working at this great club and especially with the squad.


I left because I needed it personally and thought the squad did too. It was time for a change. Now I'm back because the president called me. I love the president and the club and here I am. The important thing is that I'm looking forward to training again. I came back because the president called me.


What went through my head? To come back, and here I am, I had no doubts. I haven't given interviews in these nine months. The president called me and I can't sy no. We have 11 games to finish the season and later we'll see what we do for the next few years, which is much more important. Things will change. There's time to talk to the president to see what can be done, today that's not the issue.

CR7 return

That's not the issue. We should only think about the 11 games and not about next season. He's been one of the best and that's it.


I don't think that. My heart says I've rested, the president called me and I wanted to come. That's what brought me here. I'm coming back to the best club in the world and I'm happy to come back.


I'm not thinking aboiut it. Today is an important day. We will talk with the right people when the times comes. It's clear that we'll prepare for next season.


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