Real Madrid will not throw in the towel for Neymar

The Los Blancos directors are not put off by Neymar's dad's comments

El padre de Neymar ve el futuro de su hijo ligado a París |

Real Madrid have not given up on Neymar after listening to his father. Ney's papa says his boy "has a future at PSG". In the offices of the Santiago Bernabeu they believe they can still push hard and sign him for next season. Madrid chief Florentino Perez is not giving up on the idea.

Francesc J. Gimeno

The emir of Qatar, sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi will do all they can to keep Neymar. Madrid know it will be hugely difficult and expensive to sign him, but are trying to achieve a deal.

PSG have proven difficult to negotiate with over transfers - Verratti, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva and Di Maria are players Barca wanted but couldn't get. 

In Paris they are thinking that Neymar is already doing everything he can to upset his 'bosses' so they let him leave in June. The problem is that until now Al-Khelaifi is not giving up. The PSG director has travelled to Brazil to find Neymar and his father to deactivate the time bomb. For now it seems he has done so, but in the football world it's clear that Neymar and his father's word is not worth much. Ask Barca.

PSG are not contemplating his departure and are thinking about replacing Unai Emery and adding more players to the squad. Neymar is not listening to PSG medics and following advice of Brazil's doctors instead, as he tries to get fit for the World Cup. 


Madrid are ready to go to war over Neymar with PSG. Even though Madrid know Ney can't be trusted - they thought they had him signed but later saw him choose to move to Barcelona. 

Madrid's board believe Nike will play a big role when it comes to a deal. Perez thinks that Ney wil cost between 300-400 million euros.


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