Lucas Vazquez believes there's an anti-Madrid sentiment

"Many people are happy about our misfortune," the forward said

El árbitro Oliver fue el protagonista tras señalar un dudoso penalti en el minuto 93 en el Bernabéu | BEINSPORTS

Real Madrid forward Lucas Vazquez, who won the penalty against Juventus last week, believes there's a campaign against Real Madrid.

"I think there's an anti-Madrid sentiment, yes," he said. "I think it hurts people to see us in the [Champions League] semi-finals eight years in a row.

“It creates envy with people that we have to learn to live with. Many people are happy about our misfortune."

On the penalty, he added: "It's a clear penalty. For them (Juve) it wasn't, but I told them 'when you see it on the television, you will see.'

"I guess in the end you have to understand that after a great game it was a tough end, but I think seeing the replays there's no doubt (it was a penalty)." 


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