La Rosaleda could become a mini-Santiago Bernabeu for Malaga vs Madrid

Many fans will sell their tickets for high prices to Madrid supporters

All the tickets sold out a week ago ahead of the match on Sunday

Afición del Málaga en La Rosaleda
Afición del Málaga en La Rosaleda | sport

Malaga vs Real Madrid has created an unexpected situation that could turn La Rosaleda into a mini-Bernabeu. Many Los Blancos fans have mobilised on the basis their team can win the title on Sunday and have bought up tickets for the game. There are none left and a lot of season ticket holders at Malaga are selling them on for a lot of money, with Madrid fans desperate to be there when their team win their first title in five years.

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The Andalusian club are trying to control the situation but it's not easy. Selling a season ticket is not allowed but the club can't check if the seats have been sold or if they have been charged for. They have detected a lot of offers on the internet and the prices are going up. The price has risen to 1,500 euros in some cases, or more, and they are still selling.

The last time the league was decided at Malaga was when Valencia won it, with Rafa Bentiez in charge, winning 2-0 there.


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