Gianluigi Buffon on the referee: Should have stayed home eating chips

The veteran goalkeeper blasted English referee MIchael Oliver

Buffon recomendó al colegiado Michal Oliver quedarse en casa comiendo patatas junto a su familia | BEINSPORTS

Gianluigi Buffon blasted English referee Michael Oliver for the penalty he gave against Juventus and the red card he showed him against Real Madrid.


"The referee invented a penalty that only he saw," said a livid buffon. "To get here and go out like this is unjust. He was by the action and it's not human to signal these type of plays as a penalty.

"If a referee is not brave, and doesn't have what it takes to take charge of these type of games, with no personality, better he stays at home eating chips or in the stand with the fans, his wife and his kids."

However at least Buffon was happy about Juve's display. "I'm very happy and proud of what we did against Madrid. We were at the point of doing something unthinkable and the end was a pity."


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