Cristiano Ronaldo takes on the judge over Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo exploded in rage at the judge investigating the tax fraud case against him

Cristiano, acusado de defraudar 15 millones a Hacienda | ATLAS

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo exploded in rage against the judge who is investigating him for alleged tax fraud, according to El Mundo.

According to their report, Cristiano Ronaldo accused the judge of his case of using “irrational, subjective and incomprehensible criteria” for denying him the court expedient Lionel Messi was given.

Cristiano believes the tax authority, known as Hacienda, has different criteria for identical sponsorship deals and this is why he has asked judge Monica Gomez Ferrer to give him the same treatment as Messi, which he believes is very different to the treatment he is getting.

Judge Monica Gomez rejected these requests by the Portuguese striker, claiming “it is not useful” to the case, according to  El Mundo. She also reminded him he can consult the sentence of the Supreme Court on Messi’s case at any moment.

This response apparently caused Ronaldo to explode with rage against the judge. “Ever since the case began, the judge has kept adopting transcendent diligencies without any motivation,” said Cristiano’s defence team.

According to the defence team, the judges response violated Ronaldo’s constitutional rights.

The judge will soon decide whether to open a case against the Real Madrid forward for defrauding the Spanish state of 14.7 million euros.


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