PSG tie down former Barcelona player Kays Ruiz

Kays Ruiz has signed a deal with the French club until 2020

He was one of the players affected by Barça's transfer ban

Así juega Kays Ruiz |

Paris Saint-Germain have announced that highly-rated teenager Kays Ruiz (15), who was at Barcelona's La Masia untul 2015, has signed a contract with the club until 2020.


Ruiz moved to PSG when Barça were banned from signing players after breaking rules when signing international minors. That also left a number of players unable to train with the club's academy and Ruiz was one of the players affected. 

Therefore, he took the decision to return to his native France and joined PSG. 

"Paris Saint-Germain are pleased to announce that Kays Ruiz has signed a youth contract with the club," they said in a statement. "The midfielder, who will wear the No.10 jersey, is now linked to the capital club through to 30 June 2020.

"The youth contract signed today marks a new stage in the training and progress of the young player. This contract also serves to deepen even further the bond of trust between the playmaker and his club of two years - Kays signed a pre-youth academy agreement with Paris Saint-Germain when he returned to France in 2015."

According to French newspaper "L'Equipe", the idea is that the youngster's contract becomes professional next year, when he turns 16, which is the minimum age to do so. 


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