Liverpool made more money than Premier League title winners Man City

Only six clubs earned more than 140m pounds this season

Salah tranquilizó al Liverpool con el 0-2 en Do Dagrao | MEDIAPRO

Man City won the Premier League title but Liverpool made more money out of it, raking in £152.5 million, compared to Man City’s £151m.

Anna Pérez Roura

That’s because the Reds featured on live television 29 times in the UK, whereas Man City only were screened on 26 occasions.

The money is distributed based on appearances on TV as well as final rank in the top flight.

Even the worst side, Huddersfield, took home a healthy £96.5m, which is a lot of ammo to get them back up from the Championship.

After City and Liverpool, there are only four Premier League clubs to take more than £140ml Tottenham Hotspur (145.2m), Arsenal (142.2m), Manchester United (142.5m) and Chelsea (146m). The rest are below 130m each. 


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