Guardiola responds to Solari's claims he undervalued Real Madrid

Solari accused Guardiola of deliberately failing to mention Real Madrid amongst the best teams of the last decade

 Guardiola responde a Solari sobre el tema del mejor equipo de la última década | Perform

Pep Guardiola didn't forget to talk about Santiago Solari at his latest press conference. The Manchester City head coach gave Solari a clear and honest answer to suggestions he "deliberately" left Real Madrid off his list of the best teams over the last decade.

Pol Ballús

A few weeks ago, Pepe said that Barça, Bayern and Juventus were the best clubs in recent years because of how consistent they've been in the league and as well as in other competitions. Those words upset many supporters in Madrid and caused Solari to comment on the matter.

"Thank you so much, but I will be nice for the Madrid supporters, who are upset with me, who are saying the best team in Europe is Real Madrid. Because in the last three years they won and I think they are the best team by far in Europe in the last decade, and the best team is Real Madrid. But Real Madrid is not the best team of the decade when you count leagues and cups and the other ones, because Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern Munich won six or seven times and they [Madrid] won two. I am pretty sure that Solari now understands my answer better. I am pretty sure they are happy now with me."


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