Diego Costa weight worries Chelsea

The London club are worried that the player's lack of fitness will make it difficult to sell the player

The ex-Atlético player has been on holiday in Brazil for two months

Diego Costa, en una imagen publicada en Instagram
Diego Costa, en una imagen publicada en Instagram | @diego.costa

Chelsea start the season this Saturday against Burnley without having found an answer for the Diego Costa situation.

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The Spanish international is still on holiday in Brazil with his club’s permission waiting to learn his future after the manager Antonio Conte informed him that he would be surplus to requirements this season and that he would be replaced by Álvaro Morata.

Diego Costa’s uncertainty regarding his future is matched by the worries Chelsea have due to the players lack of physical activity – the player has been on holiday for two months and is training on his own.

The London club think, based on pictures posted on social media that the player is overweight – a situation that could make negotiations with other clubs over his transfer more difficult. The player is keen to return to Atlético Madrid, but the two clubs are not currently negotiating or, if they are, there is no sign of an agreement.

For this reason, Chelsea are looking at other possibilities but they are ware that the player’s lack of fitness could make any transfer negotiations more difficult.



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