Chelsea put the breaks on Cesc's transfer to Monaco

Maurizio Sarri doesn't want to confirm the midfielder's exit until he's secured a replacement

Sarri opinó sobre la situación de Cesc en el Chelsea | PERFORM

At the end of Chelsea's match against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup, Cesc Fabregas said his goodbyes to the fans at Stamford Bridge. It was an emotional moment for the midfielder who has spent the vast majority of his career in England and enjoyed great success at both Arsenal and Chelsea.

Albert Aubach

An agreement is in place for Cesc to sign for Monaco on a two-year deal but 'The Telegraph' suggest there could be a twist in the tale. Maurizio Sarri, the current coach at Chelsea, has put the brakes on the Spaniard's move until he's secured an able replacement.

Zenit's Leandro Paredes and Cagliari's Nicolo Barella are just two of the names on Chelsea's wish list.

Fabregas will join up with his former Arsenal teammate Thierry Henry, now a manager, at Monaco.


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