Paulo Dybala insists he didn't insult Jose Mourinho

The Juventus forward spoke with Sky Italia and claims he told Mourinho the celebration wasn't necessary in a game where there was already a lot of tension

Mou la vuelve a liar al provocar a la grada de la Juventus | Mediapro

Paulo Dybala has denied reports that he insulted Jose Mourinho at the end of Juventus' Champions League match against Manchester United on Wednesday. The Argentina forward said this to Sky Sport Italia: "I didn't insult him. I simply said that he didn't need to make those gestures."

Albert Aubach

Mourinho cupped his ear towards to Juventus fans, who had been insulting him for the majority of the match, after his side snatched a late victory. The player believes Mourinho should've acted differently because "there wasn't any need to create more tension when there was already so much. It's true that at times you feel insulted, and that's wrong, but even then you shouldn't create even more tension."

Dybala wasn't the only player to talk after the match. Cristiano Ronaldo, a former player of United, said: "They didn't do anything to win the game. We can't talk about luck because everyone makes their own luck but we gave them the victory."

Carlo Ancelotti, however, had a different viewpoint to others and feels that moving the focus onto Mourinho ignores the insults which are frequent in Italian football grounds. "The reaction from Mourinho is understandable. After 90 minutes of being insulted, it's normal (to respond). What I don't like is that they focus on his reaction and not the insults. It's a cultural problem: it happens in Naples and Milan too. The insults must stop."


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