Messi se despide de su amigo

You cannot compare Neymar with Messi


Lluís Mascaró


Josep Maria Bartomeu strongly criticised Neymar for his escape from Barcelona on Monday. And to do that, he used the figure of Lionel Messi. The club president compared the Argentine star's commitment with the exit, through the back door, of the Brazilian. It was an error. Because while Messi is an academy product born in Rosario, Neymar is a football mercenary who goes to the highest bidder. The comparisons, in this case, are more hateful than ever. It's almost insulting...

Messi is the symbol of Barça. A way of understanding football. A model. As was Xavi Hernandez. And Carles Puyol. And Andres Iniesta. And Sergio Busquets. Players that have began their careers dressed in Blaugrana and will end it in Blaugrana, too. Because, the truth is, they feel the colours. They are Cules at heart. And they know there's no better place to be. There's no better place than Camp Nou. 

Neymar's dressed his move up as a new challenge. A lie. Neymar's gone to PSG because they will pay him (and his father) much more than Barça can offer him. There's no need to look for excuses. Be brave and tell the truth. At least you'd earn some respect for being sincere. Now, simply, he's just another traitor in the long, 100 year plus history of the club. For that reason, Bartomeu made a mistake when he compared him with Messi. Because there is no possible comparison. 


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