Messi mostrando la camiseta

Without Barça, La Liga is the Bundesliga



You can accuse Javier Tebas of many things, but a lack of imagination is not one of them. He showed it off again yesterday with some surprising statements: "If the Catalan indenpendence process moves forward, Barça will not be able to play in the Spanish league". The surprise is that the president of La Liga, who has said that football and politics shouldn't be mixed several times, is now mixing up the referendum with Barça. He also does at a time when he doesn't stop reminding us, correctly, that La Liga is a global business. It is clear that excluding one of its great clubs would be bad business for La Liga - which would be harmed a lot more than Barça by such a move, who could presumably find a place in another big European league. In this case, Real Madrid would become a Spanish Bayern Munich, winning titles without a rival on the same level. Because, separated and unable to compare themselves against one another, both Barça and Real Madrid would be weakened and would have to completely change the way they looked at themselves. But what's certain is the La Liga would lose power, quality and income. It could be that Tebas, as has happened before, has got carried away. However, if he means it, he is putting his ideology ahead of his business interests. Some people want to exercise their right to decide, Tebas seems to want to exercise his right to suicide.


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