Xavi Hernandez ha participado en su campus

Waiting for Xavi



It’s almost impossible to have a visible and recognised presence in the world of football just by playing football. Only Messi, a player who only talks on the field and who, weddings apart, is only newsworthy on the field, has achieved that miracle. Other than Messi, everyone else has to have something extra: Alves, a unique character; Cristiano Ronaldo, an environment that creates his personal image; Neymar, who has a profile like a multinational company. And then there are talents like Xavi who can are capable of developing a discourse, which in reality is the most difficult thing to do in football. And it’s those who are able to create a coherent and solid set of ideas who are destined to become managers one day. In an interview with SPORT today, Xavi sent a clear message: “I want to manage Barça”. And the reverse is true – Barça want Xavi to manage the team one day, if by Barça we mean the fans and everyone else associated with the club. Xavi the manager is one of the legendary figures that Barça will be expecting, even before his coaching career has started. At the end of every cycle, in every crisis or simply every change of manager, Xavi’s shadow will loom large. Perhaps because he’s knows more than anyone that his destiny is already decided, in the same way it was for Pep Guardiola. Sometimes you get the feeling that what’s happening at Barça now is just a transitional phase before Xavi arrives. In the culé imagination, the cathedral built by Cruyff and repainted by Guardiola must be continued by Xavi. Of course, the epiphany is still a long way off, and everything must be done with the intelligence and control that characterised his football. But whatever happens, and it is compatible with the expectation and respect that Valverde generates, until he returns Barça will inevitably be waiting for Xavi.



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