The lessons of Mascherano and Arda Turan


Tomàs Andreu


I confess that it makes me sad thinking that Javier Mascherano's first cycle at FC Barcelona is coming to an end. And I mean the first cycle because I am convinced that the Argentine will be a top-level coach and that, as a consequence, he will be a candidate to take the top job at Camp Nou one day. 

Mascherano belongs to a select group of players that leave a mark inside and outside the dressing room. What he's added in strictly football terms has been brilliant. He's an example to follow as a person and a leader. Few stars have added as much as the midfielder-cum-defender. 

Blessed the day in which Guardiola changed his mind and, finally, asked that negotiations be accelerated for the arrival of the Jefecito.

Without the intention of being opportunistic, Barcelona would do well to establish a small comparison between the figure of Mascherano and Arda Turan.

It's not about complaining about the Turkish international's departure and blaming the coaches and directors behind a deal which has been disastrous pretty much from start to finish. It would be enough to learn two lessons: to implant for life the one of Javier Mascherano and to never to repeat the one of Arda Turan.


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