Raúl habló de la actualidad de Barça y Madrid para SPORT

The earthquake which Raul's interview with SPORT produced



The great interview Tomas Andreu published with Raul in SPORT (read it here, if you haven’t) has made waves. The detonator for the earthquake was one phrase (You can never say that you won’t do this or that), in which the former Real Madrid forward said he hadn’t ruled out working for Barcelona one day. Raul’s answer provoked the question that provoked the now famous reply from Gerard Pique about the values of Madrid and the presidential box of the Santiago Bernabeu, which at the same time provoked the reply from Ramos. The consequences keep adding up. Luis Enrique came out to defend Pique and claimed that he was more radical than the Barcelona defender. Zidane asked if he would coach Barcelona one day, just said “No.” The circle closed with the news Raul will sign for Real Madrid, again. He comes back to Los Blancos at full speed so that nobody doubts his Madridismo and Florentino has everything under control. Like in a marriage of convenience, everybody wins.

Football is a special sentimental place where, despite what people say, the most important thing is not to win or lose, but to affirm your own identity. And a lot of emotions spring form that. Clubs represent values and even entire cultures which millions of people feel represented by. Sure, the sport is increasingly monetised and players make stratospheric sums, but what has happened in recent days is a reminder that, luckily, not everything is done for money and money alone.



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