Arda Turan y Vermaelen no están entrando en las convocatorias

The cases of Arda, Vermaelen & Alcácer


Despite how much it rained at Can Barça in the summer, with all the restlessness over signings and non-signings, Ernesto Valverde has not dared to ask anything of the club until results and a state of calm have returnedm. And it's not been a financial request, but one that allows him to his job more efficiently. Valverde has asked for a smaller squad, that some players that don't count under him are found new homes to avoid toxic situations in the future. A large squad -- especially when the players have such big names and wages -- risks conflict, plus means he's unable to use the B team or make room for new players. 

A LONG TIME COMING. For now, Arda Turan, Vermaelen and Alcacer are the singles out players. It will not be easy to move them on. They're the latest exponents of a problem that's been a long time coming, of signings that should not have been made. Players who don't improve enough on the academy. A lot of players have left Barça. Since Robert Fernandez arrived, those to leave include: Afellay, Montoya, Alex Song, Sandro, Munir, Adriano, Vermaelen, Halilovic, Douglas, Mathieu, Tello and Masip. Some twice. Others with the threat of returning. It's been another story with Neymar, Alves and Bartra, who wanted to leave, or the loans of Deulofeu, who has returned, and Samper. 

Sometimes it is harder to sell than to sign, above all when the players earn a lot and play very little. And as no one wants to lose money, sometimes something has to give. Barça don't expect a big fee, nor a little one. What they can save on is a player's wages, though. Sometimes it's better to let a player leave then to keep paying a deal which is of no interest to you. And even more if it's what the coach has asked. And without any doubt, that's what Valverde is asking. 


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