Ousmane Dembélé juega el derbi Espanyol - FC Barcelona

'The campaign against Ousmane Dembele'



Many supporters (and some journalists) feel there's a campaign against Ousmane Dembele. It's true. There is a campaign. 

And the main architect in it is Dembele himself... Because it's hard to understand, in any way, how after his great performance in the Catalan derby he arrives two hours late for training the next day. There's no possible excuse for the France forward. Especially now that he's taken huge leaps forward on the pitch. So big, even, that he seems to have moved ahead of Philippe Coutinho in the pecking order. 

The sensation was he had learned his lesson: you have to be professional off the pitch to be a success on it. The pressure put on by the club and the warnings (even in public) from his teammates had forced a reaction. With spectacular results on the pitch: in his last eight games he's scored three goals and set up five more. Perfect! 

Until, on Sunday, the worst Dembele appeared again with a new act of indiscipline. Being clueless is no longer justification. His youth is not an alli. His latest punctuality problem (two hours late!) shows a complete and total lack of respect towards his manager, his teammates, the club and all of Barcelonismo. Dembele has no possible defender. Not even those fans (and journalists) that have insisted there's a media campaign (encouraged by Barça themselves) can defend him. 

On Dec. 9, SPORT gave Dembele a 9/10 for his great performance at Espanyol. And on Dec. 10, we have no choice but to give him a 0, for going back to his old ways. The campaign is in Dembele's head. 



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