Gerard Piqué mostró otra manita en el Camp Nou

Spectacular manita, strange Clasico



Barcelona and Real Madrid took part in one of the stranger Clasicos. Barça, aware of the generally good performance the produced against Inter, opted to repeat the same plan: 'wingers' playing inside to create superiority in the middle of pitch and full-backs pushing on. Madrid coach Lopetegui didn't know how to read the game and his side were horrible, both in defence and attack. The 2-0 scoreline at the break defined the first half to perfection. 

The really strange stuff happened in the second period. Barça were unrecognisable and found themselves in the hands of Madrid, who even flirted with the draw at one point. Lopetegui was right to move to three centre-backs, which allowed him to get more out of his wing backs, Marcelo and Lucas Vazquez at this point. They did damge to Barcelona. 

The third swing of the game arrived from Luis Suarez. When everything was looking bleak for Valverde's side, he surged to the fore and broke Los Blancos' morale with the third Barça goal. From there until the end, Camp Nou enjoyed another Clasico party against an opponent who lost their soul, broken to pieces. 


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