Sergio Ramos es el futbolista más expulsado de la historia de la Liga

Hey Sergio Ramos, why don't you just shut up?


Lluís Masxcaró


Sergio Ramos holds the unwanted honour of being the most unsportsmanlike player in La Liga.

And that's putting it likely. The Madrid captain is a record holder in kicking opponents and a master of dirty play. That's not a gratuitous affirmation, nor a biased opinion. It's a reality reflected in sad statistics, such as the fact he is the leader on red cards (19) and yellow cards (167).

The player who has been sent off more than anoyne is certainly not an example to follow. And Ramos is also no person to give lessons on fair play, as he tried to do on Sunday to Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi after the tense Clasico at Camp Nou.

Ramos, a specialist in violent tackles, attacked the two Barça strikers for their attitude during the game and their behaviour in the tunnel, accusing them of unethical behaviour. A very clear case of the kettle calling the pot black.

Ramos, who is constantly forgiven by referees and should have far more red cards than he does, should learn from Barça's captain Iniesta and learn not to make a fool of himself. That a person such as Ramos, with such a terrible disciplinary record, tries to question the sportsmanship  of a player as correct and well behaved as Messi is a terrible insult to our inteligence.

Madrid have always defended Ramos. They have benefitted from his violence in many games. Particulary against Barça and particularly against Messi. So the fact he is trying to stain Barça's image is very hard to accept.


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