Semedo ficha por el Barcelona

The reinforcements are finally arriving



The club confirmed the first signing for next season – Nelson Semedo – if we consider Gerard Deulofeu one that the club has just recovered. The signing was completed 46 days after the last game of 2016/17, the Copa del Rey final. Since then, a lot of time has passed without Barça making any moves despite the fact that the club admitted that two or three reinforcements were required for a squad that had fallen short in the last two Champions Leagues.

Barça now have a right back so Sergi Roberto can move back to the centre. Semedo should be a player for several years now due to his age, the same age Alcácer, Denis, Gomes, Umtiti and Digne were signed at. Those were five signings for the future, but their performance in their first year left a lot to be desired in some cases.

Barça now have another play of a similar age (23) and time will tell if he can make an immediate impact or if we have to wait a year to establish his future. The madness of the market makes these sorts of gambles necessary, because proven players are worth their weight in gold in the summer market. Manchester City, for example, are about to spend €56 million on Kyle Walker, €20 million more than Barça are spending on Samedo. The reinforcements are starting to arrive and now a top level central midfielder must follow. We’ll see if it’s Paulinho, Verratti, or someone else. The best news of all though is that football is back. And so is Messi.


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