El vestuario azulgrana no quiere a Griezmann

Opinion: Barcelona dressing room ends Griezmann move



Barça's dressing room has finally gotten fed up of Griezmann. He already was already thought of very badly after his famous "No" in the documentary after they had opened his arms to his arrival, and now is even more disliked after it appears he used the names of Barca heavyweights to facilitate his signing for the Blaugrana. The straw that broke the camel’s back was that, as learned from a source close to Atletico, he used the name of Messi and other Barca captains to pretend that he already had the favour of the Blaugrana dressing room to sign for them.

That is to say, Griezmann has abused the confidence that several players in the team had in him. Today SPORT reports exclusively that Barça's dressing room, always respectful with signings, is not willing this time for a toxic element like the Frenchman to come. He would endanger the spirit in the dressing room.

The players know perfectly well what the fans’ opinion is of Griezmann and are not willing for an external element to destabilize the group's relationship with supporters. The players heard the whistles that the Frenchman received on his last visit to the Camp Nou and they know that, after his way of toying with Barça and their fans, the unhappiness may be increasing. It is clear that if Bartomeu signed Griezmann he would have to do it against the opinion of the dressing room, a scenario that today seems very difficult.

The players are very aware that the squad must be reinforced, they will accept that competition will be significantly increased and will not object to the profound renovation that is approaching. But the only thing they do not want is for Griezmann to enter the locker room after everything he has done. We already knew that the Blaugrana fans did not approve of the arrival of Griezmann. Now we also know that players think the same as the fans, although they will only say it privately.



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