Antoine Griezmann, delantero del Atlético

Of course Griezmann has a spot at Barça!


Beyond Atletico's fight to keep hold of him, Griezmann has already decided to move to Camp Nou in search of the honours which have resisted him at the Metropolitano. The signing is a long way down the road, although how it will be completed has not yet been finalised. Barcelona would prefer and agreement between the clubs to avoid having to pay the release clause -- even if that means paying more via installments. Griezmann's release clause is 100 million euros. It's a unique opportunity in the current market. 

It's, without a doubt, the clearest opportunity on the market this summer. If it's not Barça, another club will move for him. In fact, they have. Not one, but various clubs, although fortunately for Barça the forward only wants to play at Camp Nou. If there are no surprises, Griezmann will be at the club next season. A great signing, in my opinion. And I say in my opinion because there are people that question the signing. Not because of the player's quality, but because of his ability to fit into the team. Said in a more direct way: with Dembele, Messi and Suarez, they don't see a spot for Griezmann. Or they think it's not necessary to spend 100 million euros on him. 

COMPATIBLE WITH SUAREZ. A quote from Griezmann is enough to show that he would fit into Valverde's side. "Diego Costa gives me freedom, I like to go wide, he fights and I go for the rebounds." Change Diego Costa for Luis Suarez and you will have a good idea what could happen at Camp Nou. In effect, with Griezmann, who started the season out of form and refound it with Costa by his side. Tactically, there should be no problems slotting in with Suarez. Both are great goal scorers, but the France forward has more mobility. His goal scoring comes from the second line and it could open up more space for the Uruguayan, who is more clinical in the box. There's no debate about whether he would work alongside Messi. Messi will give him the ball, Suarez will open the space and at the same time he will open up options for them, because of his quality, intuition and teamwork. 

But there's more. Looking to the future, we can't forget that Suarez is 31 and Griezmann is 27. He could also be the long-term replacement at an interesting price. How much would he cost within three years? Double the 100 million, surely. Returning to the now, we must keep in mind the tactical variants decided by the coach. Messi's getting deeper all the time. To have four great attacking players should never be a problem. And in football there are injuries, as Dembele knows, dips in form and rotations. There is no reason to be worried. the opposite. There should be excitement. Griezmann is a unique opportunity and he has a place at Barça. Of course he has a place! 


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