Neymar empieza a cuestionarse el cambio de aires...

Neymar must decide what he wants to be when he grows up



On Friday we saw one of football's biggest stars brought to tears in a press conference. That was what happened with Neymar when he heard the praise from the Brazil coach, Tite, and after an emotional few weeks he broke down in public. Neymar's tears are the most visible symptoms of the rollercoaster ride his life has been since he left Barcelona. And despite denying any conflict with Cavani or Emery and trying to say there are no problems at PSG, the truth is that no one believes that his start to life in Paris has been as he had hoped. 

In fact, the Brazilian player is not in a position to deny anything. He spent the month of July playing for Barcelona and trying to make people see that what was being published was made up. Until the truth emerged and that famous check for 222 million euros was delivered to Barça and his strategy was revealed. What was supposed to be his stage, where he was set to become the star and leader of a team, has become a 'via crucis' because there's a player not ready to give up their status and a coach that, rightly or wrongly, thinks that the collective is above any player. 

After four years at Barcelona, where he played limited by Messi's shadow and made efforts to tame his character, there's the sensation that in Paris he has finally become disheveled and fallen down a dangerous emotional ramp in which free rein has been given to an increasingly dramatic character. Neymar must decide quickly what he wants to be when he grows up: the best footballer in the world or the most adored? Someone should explain to him that it's not the same. 


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