Sergio Ramos fue el primero en avalar la llegada de Neymar al Madrid

Neymar has always been Real Madrid


Florentino Perez dreamed of the operation, closed it in his mind and then virtually disposed of a photograph which was captioned, and signed by Perez himself, with the following: "Neymar was born to play for Real Madrid." 

Stopping Perez making his dreams a reality has come at a high price. Sandro Rosell, imprisoned by order of the judge Carmen Lamela, who uses a pen at the same speed at which Neymar dribbles, could tell you from jail: Neymar will end up playing for Real Madrid, which is the price Barcelona will pay for having enjoyed him. 

Neymar was already Real Madrid when he signed for Barça but, paraphrasing once again the most powerful man in Spain, he still didn't know it. Perez's uproar when he heard that Rosell had robbed him of the Brazilian made Madrid rumble. But the businessman neither forgot nor forgave. Nor did he give up. 

And since that moment, he has sworn to himself that he will fit the pieces of the puzzle he's constructed. PSG are a minor evil for the Madrid president, a useful fool to be used to his benefit: to dress Neymar in a Madrid shirt. Every move from the player, complaining like a child about everything in Paris, is part of the operation. 

You can fool some people all the time (the Real Madrid fans), you can fool everyone some of the time (the Barcelona fans), but you can't fool everyone all the time. Perez always wins because he doesn't play, he cuts the cards. Perez is the bank and those on the other side of the table his pawns. Everyone. 


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