Una imagen de Messi y Cristiano Ronaldo en el último clásico

Madrid's parallel reality problem



They're no longer talking about La Liga in Madrid. They're only thinking about the Pichichi. And they're celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo's 'comeback' as if it was half a title. If the Portugal forward manages to beat Lionel Messi to the trophy awarded to the league's top scorer, Florentino Perez's 'friends' are capable of throwing a parade in Cibeles. 

The Madrid media machine, once again, is changing the perception of reality. When reality, in this case, is just one thing: Barça will be the champions of a league in which Madrid have spent months simply just showing their faces, fighting for nothing. To try and cover up Barça's success with Ronaldo's brutal goal scoring streak (you have to recognise that he's in exceptional form: 21 goals in 11 games) is absurd. If not pathetic... 

We're used to manipulative campaigns from the Madrid media cavern. Campaigns which always aim to divert attention elsewhere. And to try to undervalue Barça's triumphs. What began as a desperate 'anti-Guardiola' tactic has become a  custom. And a bad custom. And now that Madrid have embarrassed themselves in La Liga and the Copa del Rey, it's time to look for 'fake news' to hide their failings. And to elevate the possible (and I say possible because Messi still has three more goals than Ronaldo) Pichichi which Ronaldo could win to the cover is, without doubt, the best example of this misrepresentation of reality. 

Now that Barça are only 15 games from another (third) historic treble (something Madrid have never achieved), the moment has arrived to look for parallel realities to hide the Blaugrana's success. Although this time it will be more difficult than ever because Ronaldo will be on the cover not for scoring more goals than Messi but for his alleged tax fraud. And no one can hide that. Or maybe they can? 



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