Leo Messi, ante el Espanyol

Leo Messi: Sign your contract now!



It was a special derby. Very special. For many reason. In a an expectant Camp Nou. Ready for everything. Prepared for everything. Even to see good football -- something which is more difficult these days at Barcelona, where the essence has been lost. Fortunately, D10S [God] exists. And he's called Lionel Messi. 

If Leo didn't exist, we would have to invent him. And when he retires (I hope that's not soon), we will have to clone him. Because Messi is Barça. Above all, this Barça. And against Espanyol he showed it again. Despite the weight of everything on his shoulders, despite the responsibility, despite the pressure, he's able to solve games with his magic. With his goals. Like the two he scored in the first half against the Pericos, which decided the Catalan derby. 

Messi (who has still not signed his contract renewal) takes on leadership duties at Barça with the naturalness of the chosen one. Leo is above everyone. Even the board, who are shaking at the vote of no confidence which has been launched by Benedito (and is supported by Laporta and Victor Font) and are praying for more Messi goals to save their heads. 

Messi beat Espanyol with a hat-trick and helped Barça move four points clear of Real Madrid, who drew with Levante on Saturdat. La Liga, after three games, has a Blaugrana tint. But it's only just getting started. A lot can still happen. On and off the pitch.... So: Messi, sign your contract now! Please. 



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