Messi llevó a su Argentina al Mudnial goleando

Football owes Messi a World Cup



Football owes Lionel Messi a World Cup. The best player of all time cannout retire without having won a World Cup with Argentina. It would not be ethical. Luckily, in Russia 2018, he will have another chance. Because, in an epic manner, the Albiceleste booked their place at the finals thanks to a hat-trick from the Barcelona star. Messi demonstrated once again against Ecuador that he's D10S with three goals which saved Jorge Sampaoli's side. Only the magic of Messi could make a mediocre Argentine shine. Without Leo, today's Argentine is nothing. 

Messi returned to Barcelona on Wednesday with the satisfaction of having removed the noose from around a country's neck. A weight which he had carried. Relieved of that weight, he can now focus, mentally and physically, on Barça. And he can park all of Argentina's problems until the month of June. Then the debate can begin about whether Sampaoli's men can win the cup. They won't have a great chance, presumably. It's difficult for Messi to save them with a hat-trick in every game. But I don't say impossible, because with Leo nothing is impossible. Absolutely nothing. Not even Argentina winning the World Cup with one of their worst teams. 

The most important thing now is that Messi is happy after his heroic performance in Quito. Because, even though Argentina don't consider him one of their own, he continues to be Argentine. Despite the fact he's been in Catalonia since he was 13. And a happy Messi is good for Barça. A Barça that also get by by holding on to the No.1 in the world. Messidependence is now a new way of understanding football. 


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