Leo Messi dio un nuevo recital ante el Huesca en el Camp Nou

FIFA's The Best Awards: An insult to football



Messi is the best footballer in history. Any discussion about any individual prize that has been given in the past or will be given in the future is irrelevant. The Barcelona star deserves them all. Absolutely every single one. But it's clear that financial interests (of UEFA, FIFA, sponsors and even the media) are incompatible with the Argentine's hegemony. Therefore, they have to share the prizes out so that business works... 

That's the only way that you can understand that Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Ballon d'Or five times. The same amount of times as Messi! A surreal tie that has nothing to do with reality. Does anyone, honestly, in their right mind, think that Ronaldo is on Messi's level? I have said it (and written it) several times, but I must insist: Messi is up there with the Gods, alongside Di Stefano, Pele, Cruyff and Maradona. Put them, if you want, in order. Ronaldo's not alongside any of them. He's not even up to their knees. Ronaldo is a competitive beast. A monstrous athlete. A wonderful goalscorer. But he's not marked football like the others have done. 

That's why it's even more insulting that Messi is not even among the three finalists for The Best 2018. The 'chosen' trio consists of Ronaldo, Modric and Salah. I understand that the World Cup (where Argentina failed, as did Portugal, of course) and the Champions League have penalised Messi. But he won a double (La Liga, Copa del Rey) and the European Golden Shoe (34 goals). Is that not enough to be on the podium? That's without even talking about the magic he wraps up and gifts to us on every pitch he steps out on. 

But Messi is well known. They have to promote others. Although they don't even know how to do that very well: They haven't put Mbappe or Griezmann (World Cup winners with France, among other things) among the finalists. Incomprehensible. Inexplicable. And many words much worse...



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