Dembélé marcó un golazo ante el Tottenham

Dembele is a forgetful genius



They were 13 crazy seconds. A roaring 87 metres run, with seven touches of the ball included, which finished with a wonderful goal. A goal that could last long in history and cause a player's career to shift into overdrive. The same as what happened with Ronaldo (El Fenómeno) against Compostela. What Ousmane Dembele did against Tottenham in the Champions League has reaffirmed what all of us knew: the French forward is a genius. A forgetful genius, sure, but a genius none the less. And that is how he must be treated. Enjoy those moments. Messi's huge smile when Dembele scored says it all. His teammates love this incredible madman. They've shouted at him, argued with him but also forgiven him.

All a few days a part because they treat him for who he is: a reckless child, unable to arrive to training on time but who is capable of incredible things with the ball at his feet. They, more than anybody, know the value Dembele brings as a footballer. They, more than anybody, can show him how he must conduct himself. They, more than anybody, are ready to help him. For the player's sake as well as for the sake of the team. And that's the most important thing.


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