Cristiano Ronaldo tiene cinco Balones de Oro pero no es el mejor del mundo

Cristiano Ronaldo should learn from Iniesta



Superbia is one of the seven deadly sins. And a nightmare teammate to travel with for any athlete. No matter how elite they are. We're talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star has once again revealed his arrogance and lack of humility with his recent comments. The complete opposite to Andres Iniesta, who on Wednesday gave a lesson in fair play worthy of the SEÑOR (yes, in capitals) that he is. 

Iniesta demonstrated, once again, that you don't have to talk or boast to be in a different class. Arrogance is not a necessary quality to be a success. The opposite, in fact. For that reason, Ronaldo's jeered at every ground (including the Bernabeu), while Iniesta is applauded wherever he goes, with the exception being San Mames, for other reasons... 

The pedantry displayed by Ronaldo is, in reality, also jealousy (another of the deadly sins), which he feels towards Lionel Messi. The Madrid man annointed himself the best player of all time because he knows that he isn't. Not even close. And if that title belongs to anyone, it's to Barcelona's Argentina star. While they both have won the Ballon d'Or five times, the deficiency of that trophy is that it doesn't award the best player, but the one with the most trophies or goals. 

As a former member of Barça's Dream Team explained the other day, Messi will always be better than Cristiano because as well as being an excellent '9', he's also a magical '10'. In fact, he'd be brilliant wherever he played on the pitch. Something which cannot be said for the Portuguese. Simply because he doesn't have the qualities or the ability to do it. 

Iniesta decided on Thursday not to sink to Ronaldo's low and behaved like a gentleman, praising the Madrid man as he deserved. Because Cristiano deserves all the praise possible. And he would receive it (more sincelrely) if he understood that superbia doesn't earn affection. But it seems too late for him to understand that. And to learn from Iniesta. And from Messi... 


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