Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano: Out with the old, in with the new



"And what if Florentino's plan was to sell Cristiano Ronaldo so that he could replace him with Neymar?" The Portuguese star is now history at Real Madrid, leaving via the back door and Florentino Perez must repeat what he did with Lopetegui: sign someone as fast as possible to cover the gap left by Cristiano. For that reason Madrid are going all out for Neymar.

The last example of this was on Friday's "Deportes Cuatro" where they pushed a story from globoesporte as much as they possibly could: "Madrid have sent a representative to Santos to negotiate with Neymar's father." To give the story more credibility they added, in large letters: "The war for Neymar: Madrid and the French side are in open war." They also added old declarations from Florentino where he said: "Everybody knows that I wanted to sign him at one point" and "If he was at Madrid we'd have more chances of winning the Champions League."

Everything from Madrid is bright and clear and the only bad guys are PSG who don't want to sell them their star player. Interestingly everyone has already forgotten about his diving antics. They don't want to remember, nor see the videos which criticised his 'theatre' out on the pitch when he wore Barcelona colours.

And, of course, Madrid know that the Sheikh will be angry at this information being made public. They didn't waste any time in releasing yet another official statement denying they had any interest in Neymar. But they already know.


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