Coutinho, cada vez más cerca del Barça

Better not to sign than to sign badly



Barça continue to trip over the same stone. According to reports in England, Liverpool have rejected a huge €130 million offer for Coutinho. And no fee has been agreed with Dortmund for Dembélé either. The two are unhappy with their clubs’ position and, in the case of Dembélé, the chase is becoming slightly comical. Nevertheless, time is ticking by and both clubs, naturally, still want to take as much of the €222 million Barça received for Neymar as possible.

Arrivals at this point though could be worse than the sickness. Coutinho and Dembélé are good players but are not worth what their clubs are asking for. Either Barça pull a trick out of their sleeve, like including players in the deal, or they have to move onto plan B, players with potential like Seri, or rely on La Masia, something which is not currently happening despite Valverde’s promises. Samper hasn’t been given a squad number despite André Gomes again being out of his depth in the Bernabéu. Whatever Barça decide there is no obligation to sign Coutinho and Dembélé, and particularly for the sums being asked for. Better not to sign anyone than to make a bad signing.


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