Suárez se suma a la lucha contra el cáncer de mama

Barça striker Luis Suarez has (a lot) of credit



Luis Suarez is one of the best goal scorers on the planet. But he's in crisis. This season he's only scored three goals. And he's a long way short of his best numbers. The reasons for the dry streak can be found in Ernesto Valverde's tactics, with the Uruguayan moved from his traditional No.9 position, and in the problem he's had with his knee, which has prevented him hitting top form. But Suarez is not worried. The opposite. He is completely convinced that his lack of goals is simply a bad run. "When one goes in, many more will go in," he said in an interview with SPORT. 

Barça need Suarez's goals to win trophies. Lionel Messi alone is not enough. Above all after the departure of Neymar, the third point of the historic trident. And the Uruguayan knows it. That's why he's decided to stay in Barcelona and not travel with his national team. Instead, he will follow a specific plan to help him overcome his knee problems and re-find his best form. Suarez understands that he erred in rushing back in September after the initial injury. And now he's paying for it. 

There's no other remedy than to grit his teeth and take advantage of these two weeks to recover that spark that he's lost. Because Suarez doesn't just lack goals. He lacks speed. And precision. He is still fighting like he always has done, but with a second's delay. Which is a lot -- too much -- at the top level of football. If you add in the fact he's slightly out of position, too, you find the answer to his crisis. 

But Luis Suarez has earned another credit at Barcelona with his goals. For that reason, we have to have patience with him. Because we know that soon, the 'Pistolero' will be back. And, as he suggests himself, once he's back on song, there will surely be no stopping him. 


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