Pep Guardiola

Badmouthing Guardiola 24 hours of the day



Without fail. Pep has fallen once again in the Champions League quarterfinals and the media cavern, who smelled blood in the build-up to Manchester City's loss to Tottenham, have thrown him to the lions. Little do the circumstances of his fall matter: VAR ruling out a stoppage-time winner and a possible handball for  Spurs' goal, it's about crushing him without mercy.

The most forceful was Josep Pedrerol, who opened 'Jugones' with the defeat and dedicated another 10 minutes to Guardiola and City's KO. "Football was not invented by Guardiola, Barça played football well before Pep and continue to do so after him," he said. 


Previously, Alfredo Duro had a pop on El Chiringuito. "People will think that you are incapable ... goodbye to the myth Guardiola completely!" he said. On 'Deportes Cuatro', they were more measured. saying that "a Guardiola team falls before time once again" but adding some reasonable doubt. "Did City deserve to win the City? Probably. Did they deserve to get through? Probably." 

Why is Pep being attacked with such intensity? Has Mourinho been treated in the same way during his time outside of Spain? And in his time in Spain, during which he did not win a single Champions League? 

Why is there so much hatred against Pep if there is a worldwide consensus that his club revolutionised contemporary football and we have not seen a style of such beauty since? What is the answer? Take advantage of Easter week yourself and think about it. The double standards in the capital never fail.


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