Arturo Vidal no estaba contento con su suplencia

Arturo Vidal's big mistake at Barça



Football is a team sport. When you win, everybody wins. And when you lose, everybody loses. Although I know that a lot of footballers are naturally egotistical, the majority try to hide it. And so they're happy when their team is successful, just like they're sad when they come up short. Each person needs to deal with their own ego, silently, in whichever method works for them. But never, ever in display it in public. And that's why it is inadmissible should one component of the group distort the good sensations for their own personal interests. You can't detach yourself from the team and less so on social media. That is what Arturo Vidal did on Wednesday evening. The Chilean is experienced enough to know those types of messages are out of place as part of a team. Regardless of how angry he was at not starting against Tottenham, regardless of how he feels Valverde is currently using him, Vidal can't undermine his teammates. Or, maybe, does he feel he is more important than the team? We're on the wrong path if so. His reaction to that error was too slow, the damage had already been done.

Arturo Vidal is angry, very angry, because Valverde isn't doing what he promised. At least that is what those closest to Vidal are saying. The midfielder came to Barcelona convinced that he was going to be a very important player for the coach. And it looked like that was going to be the case. After three poor matches in LaLiga, Valverde abandoned the 4-3-3 to instead opt for a team which offered more balance, more control. Dembele was the first one to be sacrificed and the second was Vidal. Coutinho moved to the left of midfield and Arthur was chosen to play alongside Busquets and Rakitic. There wasn't any space in the team for the Frenchman or Chilean. The performance at Wembley only showed that Valverde got his selection right. Dembele was upset that he didn't play but kept quiet. Even though he's still a youngster, he behaved correctly. Vidal didn't control his own unhappiness and showed that publicly on social media. He was wrong. Very, very wrong to do that. If he doesn't accept his role as backup at Barça he won't fit in with this squad.


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