Messi lamentará eternamente la derrota en Liverpool

An embarrassment that will go down in history


Lluís Mascaró


Barcelona fans around the world on Tuesday are crying. Angry tears. Impotent tears. The hearts of Barça supporters are destroyed. Broken with embarrassment. With embarrassment. There is no other word to describe the biggest failure in the history of the club. The humiliation against Liverpool is even worse than what was suffered in Rome last year. They were supposed to have learned their lesson. 

There are no precedents for the appalling ridicule Valverde's team suffered at Anfield. Nothing in the last century can topple the carcrash in England. Not even the final in Seville against Steaua Bucharest in 1986, when Barça lost on penalties having thought they'd won before the game was even played. Not the hammering against Milan in Athens in 1994, which was the beginning of the end of Cruyff's Dream Team. Nothing. Above all because Barça went to Livierpool with a 3-0 lead from the first leg at Camp Nou and everyone -- everyone -- had the memory of Roma present. What an embarrassment! 

There are many people to blame for the failure. Too many. Starting with the board who were unable to plan the season properly. Moving on to the coach who has renounced Barça's style. And ending with the players, who were useless on the pitch. No one is safe from this. No one. 

Because no one was able to avoid the ridicule. Because no one was able to avoid a KO which will mark a before and an after for this team. For Valverde. For Bartomeu. And, sadly, for Messi. The Argentine star had fought so hard from the start of the season for "the beautiful trophy". Now he has a very bitter pill to swallow. Tremendously bitter. We will see if he can come back from it. 


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