Kroos derriba a Leo Messi en una acciión del duelo del Bernabéu

A grotesque performance that could force changes


Lluís Mascaró


On Wednesday there were cules who wanted Barça to lose. More than a handful. They wanted Barça to lose so Bartomeu would leave. They dreamt that a defeat would cause the club to implode and the current board to leave. It’s not the first time it’s happened. Unfortunately, it’s a feeling as old as Barça’s history…

The division has been growing in recent weeks, triggered by Neymar’s departure and the lack of action from the club in the transfer market. Coutinho and Dembélé are close we’re told but so far only Semedo, Deulofeu (in a return that already looks doomed to failure) and Paulinho have arrived. They’re hardly players to make you forget the absence of Neymar.

Add to this “a lack of care” for the youth teams and the feeling that this board does not believe in the La Masia model. This has intensified the campaign against Bartomeu on social media, a campaign that has sometimes crossed the line. Factor in the Pep Segura-Piqué ‘row’ and only the team and good results can save this leadership. Unfortunately, the team doesn’t look up to it. Certainly not against Madrid.

The humiliation in the Bernabéu, particularly in the first half, will go down in history. And not just for the result. Barça looked absolutely impotent, supine, decadent… Only a few flashes from Messi hinted at anything better. But even he can’t beat Madrid on his own, particularly this Madrid that is currently much superior.

This defeat will have consequences. Sporting and institutional. This mess, which could leave Barça in the wilderness for years at the top level, has to be fixed. Like in the worst times under Gaspart… and he did leave. Remember?

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